Lar Duggan piano composer

I have always enjoyed exploring on my own. My earliest memory is of being alone in a dune area near the ocean, with its sparse grasses and translucent pastel shells, in the late afternoon light of summer, crickets and gulls singing the season.

Looking back, it makes perfect sense that I went on to find myself often in the woods, along the rivers, on the beaches, out in the pasturelands, atop mountains, and afloat on the lakes of New England, where I have lived for most of my life. These have been among the most special moments of my life.

It is also not surprising to me to see that same spirit of adventure at play from my youngest days on when faced with a piano. I liked finding out what the instrument would do in response to my simple untutored experiments, what sounds would fill the air because I pressed here and there on the keys.

I did take a few years of piano lessons by and by, both classical and jazz, but I am largely a self-taught composer. I currently work most often as a jazz pianist.



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